I can be a model for your products, clothing, or for fitness equipment

Hi, I’m Harriet!

If you need a Model to represent your Clothing line, Fitness brand, or product, I’m right here for your project.
I have always had a passion for health & fitness and worked for fashion and fitness brands for a couple of years now and am loving it.
I shoot with a Professional Canon camera for photos with the highest resolution JPEG Images. Video is shot with iPhone only!
My service include : 5 photos with your fitness equipment or product and 30 sec video (iPhone only)

Photo can be :

  • close-ups of just the product
  • me holding the fitness product
  • me working out with the product
  • me wearing the product or fitness equipment

Please message me FIRST AND BEFORE PLACING ORDER, so we can discuss the project .

I am happy to do revisions, if you ask it.
Note:  that some revisions are an additional cost, so please be as detailed as you can about the project you need.

I have access to:

  • a full kitchen,
  • a track/bleachers,
  • gym
  • fitness club
  • outdoor parks, etc.

I look forward to working with you!

Languages freelancer can speak

en English