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Hiring is a process to identify, recruit and eventually hire the most qualified candidates. Most employers have their own hiring process. Keep in mind, however, that the specific details of the hiring process are unique to each employer.

  • What are the first steps in hiring ?

    Start by working on your profile

    Sign up and Creating a profile on Tnhires is not just enough to start to work. If you want to make money by selling your skill on Tnhires, first of all work on your profile to look attractive and professional. Start by using your real pictures, videos and offer a good description of your Services. Is not enough to mentioning only your name and service, need to present the content in a manner that attracts Employers to buy your Services.

  • Does a good description of the Services help me get hired ?

    The detailed description of the Services will definitely help you

    How do you make your services stand out from the rest? A good and detailed description of your Services will definitely help you to get more work .While describing your Services, write and highlight a few pointers to grab the attention of readers. Specify some bonus services that you offer with your Services. Clearly mention the delivery time and make sure that you are quicker than the rest (don't forget to be punctual, when you write that you finish in 3 days, so it will be, it will not be 3 days and 12 hours ).

  • It's important to use a target keywords in the description of the Services?

    Yes, this is a very important tip

    Tnhires uses its defined set of guidelines while displaying SEO specific results. If you want a good ranking, make sure that you use target keywords at least 3 times in the description and use it intelligently in the title as well.


Making Serious Profit

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Technology advancement has made things simpler and easier for all of us. Freelancing is growing on jobs marketplace, and businesses, both big and small, are always on the lookout for freelancing services to get their jobs done. So how do you find a genuine freelance service? Well, sign up and let's grow up together.

  • Still wondering how you can make a profit ?

    Post a Service that suits your abilities

    Thanks to the online marketplace for freelancing services, freelancers are now easily making up to one thousand dollars every month. So if you can offer freelancing services, simply register and make money posting an Service that suits your abilities.

  • I work with similar Services or I can try others ?

    Expanding your Portfolio

    While expanding your portfolio seems like a good opportunity, there is no need to make a big transition to different topics and niches. We suggest that it always better to work on the variants of a job that you are already doing. If you are offering content writing services, expand your portfolio by offering related services like editing content and creating relevant content for websites or writing articles Just doing things sensibly you can get more work for you.

  • Everyone has something to sell, how can I stand out ?

    Ensure your services are unique

    While everybody trying to sell something , if you want to stand out, make sure you offer unique services that are not generally listed on the website. People hiring jobs are always on a lookout for new and innovative ideas, so try to be unique.


Getting Into Business

Focus on Your Work & Team

Success in the freelancing field comes with creating the perfect description of the posted services. The flexibility in working online has lured a large number of professionals in various niches to make the switch from office to work from home. Undeniably the market has become more competitive and you need to be more smart to make you stand out

  • Can I share my services on social networks ?

    Digital Marketing

    Yes, you can. The best and easiest way to be stand out is to let the world know about your services. Profusely share your Services on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Quora to network with more and more people and raise awareness.

  • It is a good idea to attach relevant samples of my work ?

    Talk about your Portfolio

    Talk about yourself with enthusiasm. Discuss in detail your job experiences and work profile. It is a good idea to attach relevant samples of your work to let the client judge how you worked on similar projects. Make sure to enlist any similar project you worked on previously and how it benefited the client.

  • What sets you apart from the rest?

    Keep your clients happy

    One of the most important things you need to bear in mind while offering services is to keep your customers happy. Satisfied customers mean repeat work, good reviews and recommendations. A happy customer can send to you another customers.Maintain your work quality, meet deadlines and keep your clients informed of progress. Providing additional incentives is another way to keeps customers and keep you above your competitors.


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