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After you have successfully registered on our site and you have passed the Email Verification and your identity has been successfully verified by our Compliance Team, start by editing your profile with your personal data.

How will you do this? It’s very simple:

From the Dashboard, scroll down and click on Edit My Profile

1. Personal Details and Skills

It is very important to edit your profile with your real data to avoid any future inconveniences regarding your account. You can also decide how your name will be displayed:  Your Real Name or just Username.

Go to each section and fill in your details. If you do not have the necessary data to complete a Section, nothing to worry about, you can leave it blank to complete later. Please note that these sections are very important for your profile to be kept healthy and at a rate of at least 70% to be displayed in the search on our site.

Scroll down and complete all sections accurately. Also, you can write a short introduction about yourself. This short description about yourself will be displayed in your public profile .We encourage you to insert a photo with your profile in the size of 255×255 . If you don’t know how to resize your photo , please go to, this will help you a lot. To upload a banner photo, please note that the acceptable size is 1920×400 pixels. All banners  or photo that exceed this size mentioned above will be deleted.

2. Experience and Education

We encourage you to enter Real Data to avoid further inconvenience. Please keep in mind that the Compliance Team may ask to check your details.



3. Profile Videos

To be able to upload a video for your profile, you will need to use a third party (such as youtube, vimeo, etc.) because you need to enter the video URL

*To see what your profile looks like, go to View my profile .

4. Specialization

Here you have a lot of Specializations, from which you can choose the one that best suits your skills. Again we advise you to choose the right specialization.

5. Industrial Experience

Industrial Experience is not so important, but if you have experience in one of the industries listed in that section, please mention, it may be useful.

6. Social Profile

If you have an account on one of the social networks, we give you the opportunity to link this account to your Tnhires profile.

You will see that after you complete your profile, Health Profile will increase with x%, it depends on how well you completed the profile.

Don’t forget to Update all the latest changes made by you, by just clicking on “Save & Update button” at the bottom of the page.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us .

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