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Change of credentials

1. Can i change my username?

Your username is unique and part of your identity on Tnhires, therefore, it cannot be changed.
However,If you would like to change or use another username, you need to close your account and create a new one.
If you decide to do so, please note that you may lose all the information related to your activity and/or all recordings in your account (such as services, posts, videos or purchased membership plan).

Also, as it is forbidden to have multiple accounts under the same name or email address, you cannot register with the same email address. If you want to register again with the same email address we advise you to change the email address of the existing account with a different one before closing it. After you changed the email address, you can then go ahead and close the existing account and you can registered again with the same email address.

2. Changing email address

To change your email address which you registered in our site Tnhires, follow these steps;

  • Login to your account
  • In the Dashboard, go to the section Account Settings
  • Go to Email Notifications
  • Replace your existing email address with your new email address.
  • Click Change email


Note: Prior to changing your email address or to disable your account, please make sure to withdraw all your funds from your account

3. How to change my Location

You can change your Location by accessing the section
Edit my Profile from Dashboard.

In Your Details section, scroll down until Your Location

If you’re still confused , we can help you with your questions on Chat or you can send a Ticket to Customer Support.

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