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Excellence and trust in Artificial Intelligence

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My name is Maria. I am having degree of Bachelors in Computer Science and I am Manychat Developer Having Experience of more than 2 years. I love to create Chatbots and automations using Zapier and Integroamt . My hobbies include learning new things.

  • I have created customized chatbot for following businesses :
  • Real Estate
  • Credit Repair & Booking Consultation
  • Mortgage and Loan Calculator bot
  • Gym & Fitness Chatbot
  • E-commerce Bot and much more.
  • Contact me and we shall find what is the best for your project.

I will help you make your business run easier and faster and also to reduce stress by implementing a chatbot for your business which will answer for you 24/7.

Contact me and we will discuss  what kind of Chatbot  your business need.


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